Peyton needs your help!

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Baby Peyton needs our help. He was born with a joint condition which causes arthrogryposis, meaning that his joints are contracted to varying degrees. Peyton has also been experiencing difficulty breathing and swallowing, which may be linked to his joint condition. Because of this, Peyton has been repeatedly hospitalized in London, Ontario. He has been using a feeding tube and is on and off of oxygen.

This is obviously a hugely difficult time for Peyton, Cynthia, and Patrick. Prolonged hospitalizations, dozens of doctor and specialist appointments, and the emotional roller coaster of the situation have taken a toll on the King family, and any support we can offer would be very appreciated.

There are two specific goals that would help at this time. First, having a hospital-grade breast pump would make life far easier for everyone, but they are prohibitively expensive to purchase or rent. When hospitalized, Cynthia has access to a pump, but at home this is not the case. We’re hoping Peyton is at home as much as possible (go Peyton!), so having their own breast pump is a necessity.

Second, the Kings are planning a trip to the Shriner’s Hospital for Children in Philadelphia. This hospital specializes in Peyton’s condition, and some of the best doctors and researchers in arthrogryposis are located there. Covering the costs of this trip (and perhaps subsequent trips) would be a huge help for the King family.

We ask that you keep this family in your thoughts and prayers, and that you give what you can to help them out during this tough time. Any donation would be helpful and are appreciated. Thank you on behalf of Peyton, Cynthia, and Patrick (and Womble!).